Table of plants

Introductory Videos - The Table of Plants - Wondrous Order

As a preliminary trial, I have recorded a few videos about the table of plants. The videos are homemade, so bear with me on the low sound and some mistakes, nevertheless, i hope you will find it useful:

Buying the book: Table of plants

The book "Table of Plant - Wondrous Order" - and where to get it. Book, DVD`S, short Schema and more.

Foreword - how and why the Plant Table was created

Reading old homeopathic manuscripts, we find that less than one-hundred years ago a huge variety of plant remedies was in common use, whereas nowadays, homeopaths tend to use only a small portion of available plant remedies, and an even smaller selection of all existing plants. The old knowledge has been largely forgotten - maybe along the general decline in the use of herbal medicine in the world - to be replaced with more intensive use of minerals and new materials.

The developmental aspects of table of the plants

Plants are the foundation upon which life withdraws its existence in terms of nutrition and oxygen: plants propel minerals from the earth outward, and from the air inward, into the earth, availing it to life continuation. In this sense, the plant realm function as an active Mediator between worlds, and express an ever continues growth and development processes. What occurs on any circle of life ensues on every other level: life is expressed with wondrous similarity on every level – as the saying go: “as above so below”.

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